Create your own location-based games
And turn the world into an adventure playground!

Discover the world and make it discoverable

Gaya is a mobile game that lets you build your own adventures and bring the world around you to life.

Create games for you, your friends or the Explorer community to enjoy exploring your area.

Express your creativity

Thanks to Gaya, you can create your game in a few minutes.
No technical barrier, create without limits!

Define the route of your adventures directly on an interactive map

Write and tell a story that will take your players on a journey through your world, bringing your characters to life.

Sprinkle your adventures with cohesion, reflection and observation challenges…

… more or less explosive!
(don’t worry, it’s purely digital, no need to handle real gunpowder)

And directly from your smartphone!

Designed for mobile

The whole interface has been designed to make it easy to create directly on your phone (from your sofa).

No prerequisites

You don’t need to be an engineer to create your games: 15 minutes can be enough!

A community

The pleasure of creating games is exceptional, but it is nothing compared to the pleasure of playing your creations!

Let’s reenchant the world

Geolocated games, escape games, treasure hunts, geocaches… are moments of exchange and sharing, perfect for (re)discovering the world around us ❤️

1M cities in the world

From the village to the megalopolis, it is as many potential playgrounds

39M km2 of forest

For rejuvenating and exciting games

4,000 years of history

A raw material or a source of inspiration that will make your players travel in time

7 billion people

So many visions, creativity, imagination that need to be expressed and shared.

of possibilities

Escape games, treasure hunts, investigations, walks, geocaches… The choice is yours!

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